This is Rumor Control, These are the Facts

Results are up in the Results Forum, as well as the results for the second round of the Coming Storm title tourney!

The new card will be released shortly for next week's show. Due to all the delays and transfer of custodianship, we're putting off the show one week and firing no one. The deadline, for the moment will remain as usual at 10pm EST 6/29/03. (You can always assume the deadline is Sunday at 10 unless I specifically make it later in a post. (like this one)) EVERYONE NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND THAT YOU MUST DO AN RP EVERY WEEK BETWEEN SUNDAYS AT 10, EVEN IF YOU'RE NOT BOOKED AND EVEN IF YOUR LAST RP HASN'T BEEN GRADED! If you don't, you'll be fired, unless you have specifically spoken to me and I've given you permission not to post. (And unless new headmistress PMS changes this policy, which has not happened yet.)

The roster has been updated and more new tutorials are going up all the time, so have a look around!

Eligible to do in cards this week are: Gabe Ranae

Those who are eligible to have their Stats added to Zeus are: Calvin Riley, “Eccentric” Jonas Mathers, The First, Gabe Ranae, and Rey Campbell

You will find below a list of all the stats I can use and submit them on the OOC board, through PM or through email to me.

Tuesday Night Rave! – 7/1/03

Singles Match
Suicide vs. Morbid Angel

Three Way Singles Match
CJ Styles vs. "Eccentric" Jonas Mathers vs. Colby Korver

Third Round Tournament Matches for the soon to be renamed PWA Championship

Battle Royal for a spot in te Semi-Finals
Jacob Green vs. Chris Locke vs. The Fan vs. Rob Davies vs. Kevin Dunne vs. Calvin Riley

Jack Murphy vs. Rey Campbell

The First vs. Mawayani

Matt Blitz vs. Gabe Ranae

1-"Eccentric" Jonas Mathers
2-Jack Murphy
3-Matt Blitz
4-Colby Korver
5-Gabe Ranae
6-Calvin Riley
7-Rob Davies
9-Kevin Dunne
10-The First


Darwin would be weeding them out as quickly as possible.

Scratch that, I would be weeding them out as quickly as possible.

-Jack Murphy

“Just because I don’t live blindly like you do, does not mean that my opinions are radical. I happen to think that they are right on the mark,” Jonas defends himself. He accidentally dribbles a little on his chin. He quickly wipes it away with the back of his hand so that no one discovers it.

-“Eccentric” Jonas Mathers

“The name’s Colby Korver, and to be quite honest with you, I basically run this school. You might think that sounds cocky. I mean yeah, Florida State’s a big school and all, but then again, I’m a pretty big guy myself.”

-Colby Korver



-You must have a posting name for the forums that exactly matches your wrestler's name. So go register one if you haven't already.

-Zeus Stats

Giving me stats will make the results more enjoyable and also prepare you for the day when you have to provide this sort of info to a fed head. Match winners are eligible.

What I can use is as follows:

Alignment (face, heel, neutral)
Ring intro (50 words max)
Escort (and whether they interfere)

You may submit a move list of up to 30 moves (no custom names or finishers. A Moonsault is a moonsault). If I don't understand what the move you name is, I'll make my best guess.

You may also use 25 points among these four categories, with the max in any one category being 10.

Strength, Speed, Vitality and Charisma

This is just a perk that I hope will be fun, make you think about your character and make the results a bit better.

Totakoxe Salvador
Gaz Green
Angelo Deville~
Daniel Bravo
Anton the Kid
The End
Kenji Hirose
Corey Williams*
Juan Golden Toe Borro
Kevin Klaymore
Jack Valentine
Danny Carnegie
Nekros Hunter
Nikita Morozov
The Arch
BJ Mac
Tim Walden
Young Tiger
White Mexican
Agent Orange
Dark Rebel
Jimmy Prince
Dan Osborne
Dave Vandergrift
Tom Walzcak**
Snakebite X
D-Kay Calyx
Inphino Blitz
Vampir Nosferatu

*Later became PCW Champion

** Later became OSW Champion

*** Later became NTICW Champ

~Later became Universal Champion


Matt Jackson
Civil Disobedience
The Killer
Dandy Warhol
Drew Hostyle
Jay Vyper
Kwik FX
Gabriel De La Mineta
Romeo Phoenix
LeShawn Spade
Six Finger Cisco
Bobby Stormbringer
Shane Wethers
Steve Taylor
Jay Sylo
Ketsueki Karasu
Semore Smoke***
Xavier Kannon* ***
Ritchie Syxx
Christ. V. Knight
The Pharoah
Rich Cannon
Mark Estep
The Rush
Drake Maxwell
Ken Kaze
Frankie Bones
Asa Fountain
Sonny Silver
Scott Payne
The Josh
Brad Knoxville